6 Productivity Tips for Real Estate Agents as Summer Comes to a Close

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1. Take time off to avoid the end of summer blues. Schedule a vacation to soak up the last few days of warm weather and recharge yourself for a busy fall.

2. Follow the 80/20 rule. 20 percent of what you do each day contributes to 80 percent of your results. This transitional time is a great opportunity to evaluate daily tasks that may be holding you back and cut those tasks out.
3. Use TrustFunds for quick, efficient earnest money payments. Instead of wasting you precious last moments of summer driving around earnest money checks, offer the use of electronic earnest money payments for the security and convenience to all parties.
4. Be more efficient with communication. Emails may go unanswered and calls or even text messages can be quicker. Work to figure out which form of communication is best for you and your clients.
5. Make short-term goals. You may be surprised how writing down goals for the week keeps you motivated and excited to cross things off before getting away for a fall weekend.
6. Also make long-term goals. Be proactive and look ahead for what’s to come. If it seems like there’s no work, try to get a jump start on things that may arise later this fall. Maybe even make a list of things you want completely off your plate by Thanksgiving.

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