6 Real Estate Technologies We Are Thankful For

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Real estate concept
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    Virtual tours or drone photography: If a photo is worth a thousand words, drone videos and other virtual tours are worth a million. These technologies give potential buyers a much better idea of what a home looks like before they take time out of their (and their agent’s) busy schedule to do a live tour.

  2. Electronic forms: Thanks to services like HelloSign and Docusign we can save paper and stop dealing with cumbersome copy machines and scanners. Simply create and electronic signature and send documents away. Docusign even has a specific pricing plan for real estate agents!
  3. Social Media: From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest, it’s easier than ever to show off properties on the market and communicate directly with potential buyers no matter how far away they are. These platforms can also be used to personalize the face of real estate companies, making them more approachable.
  4. Speaking Photo: If virtual tours and drones are technologies still too intimidating to broach, this platform is a great alternative. With Speaking Photo, you can use your voice to share narrated photo slide shows for a powerful way to convey specific details about the home you’re showing.
  5. Electronic earnest money: Gone are the days of running around with paper earnest money checks. TrustFunds allows home buyers to make their earnest money payments electronically for a safer, faster, and more efficient home buying process.
  6. Mortgage Calculators: The buyers you’re working with should already have a grasp on the monthly mortgage payments they can afford, but a mortgage calculator can still be a great resource if the prices of the homes you show fluctuate by a coupe thousand dollars. This way you can inform your client of an approximate payment on the spot.

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