Let’s Get to Know Each Other

We’re fun, respectful, innovative, responsive, and trustworthy
(trust is our first name, after all)!

We exist for one reason

To give our customers more time for more life.

More time for what, you ask?! Whatever YOU want to do.

Using TrustFunds gives you more time to spend with your family, go golfing, go to the spa, or get more work done (you overachiever, you)! By closing the digital real estate gap, TrustFunds simplifies and secures the earnest money process so you have more time for more life – whatever that looks like to you.

Meet Our Founder, Lynn

Lynn is to real estate what Steve Jobs was to Apple… both were born to challenge the status quo to dramatically improve the way business is done.
Throughout her career, Lynn has held roles like Edina Realty’s General Council, a broker, Minnesota Association of REALTORS President, and currently serves on the Financial Committee of the National Association of REALTORS.

Lynn saw the security vulnerabilities of the paper check – from agents holding buyer’s banking information to not being able to track the status of the payment. Lynn also saw time being wasted by driving across town to pick up paper checks and driving to the bank to deposit them. There had to be a more secure and convenient way to process earnest money, but there wasn’t. Then, TrustFunds was born.

Lynn has a vision for the real estate industry – to create an industry where people can’t even remember when they used to use paper checks for earnest money.

Core Values


of each other, of others

Fun, energetic, positive

we’re personable


be trustworthy for others, have trust in each other


always looking for ways to better serve our clients and each other


we recognize the urgency of our customers’ issues and respond accordingly

Better Together

Now that we know each other a little better, let’s change the real estate industry together. Ready to help bring electronic earnest money to your market?

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