Online Earnest Money is the Next New Norm in Real Estate

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Technology is becoming more simple and more widespread. The generation of children who grew up learning technology from a young age are becoming adults and are accustomed to an electronic way to handle everything, even making payments. Sixty-nine percent of customers ages 18-35 won’t even shop at a business that doesn’t accept electronic payments. Their parents, coworkers, and friends (even

The One Virtual Tool Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using

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time is money

Time is money. Especially in real estate where agents set their own hours and decide how to spend their time. Do you ever wonder how much money you waste in a day on the time spent on petty tasks? Fifty-eight percent of agents said they spend most of their work hours at the office, while twenty-eight percent spent more time

Paper Checks Are a Thing of the Past

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Ask a millennial if they have a checkbook and most would say no. Truth is, this answer is becoming increasingly popular with consumers of all ages. A study by The Federal Reserve found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the number of payments made by check in the United States decreased by more than 50%. There are various factors

How Does Electronic Earnest Money Really Work?

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If you’ve already made electronic earnest money payments a part of your real estate transaction process, you know the magic of TrustFunds.  Learn more about how it really works. TrustFunds is the tool a buyer uses to electronically submit their earnest money payment, but where does the payment go after that? The answer to this question: TrustFunds does not hold the

Electronic Earnest Money Safest & Most Efficient

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You’ve heard that the new standard in real estate transactions, electronic earnest money, is safer and more efficient, but do you really understand why? Unlike the old method of submitting earnest money by a paper check, TrustFunds electronic earnest money has multiple steps of verification in place to protect the buyer’s personal banking information including a step that adds a

Common Stress Factors of Buying a Home and How to Alleviate Them

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A recent article posted in RIS Media states that 58% of people find moving to be more stressful than planning a wedding. Another article written by Independent Online lists factors such as “filling out excessive documentation”, “the large sums of money at stake”, and “lost documentation” as other stressors of the home buying process. Knowing this, real estate agents should be sure to do

5 Items to Remind Your Buyers ‘Before’ They Buy

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Post-It-Note Don't Forget

Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions most people make in their lifetime. As a real estate agent, you can help your buyers think through areas that they may have overlooked. These five simple reminders can make sure that the buyers are ready to make an informed and winning offer on the home they desire. 1. Pay down

Electronic Earnest Money Brings Ease to Earnest Money Refunds

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Did your deal fall apart? Electronic refunding of earnest money is available. And it’s better. It happens to all of us: the buyer finds something in the home they were planning on buying that they don’t like during the inspection or something happens to the buyer’s financing. Then begins the process of attempting to get the earnest money back to