Northwestern Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service Joins Five Other Wisconsin MLS’s Using TrustFunds for Electronic Earnest Money

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March 2, 2021

Northwestern Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service (NWWMLS) members will be able to request earnest money electronically soon, following a registration period for the market’s trust account holders. 

TrustFunds is thrilled to add NWWMLS, as most REALTORS® throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin markets already have access to electronic earnest money capabilities through TrustFunds. 

“Our brokers have been asking for this for a long time,” says Brenda Barnhardt, Executive Vice President at NWWMLS. “We have a lot of cross-over brokers and REALTORS® who do business in other Wisconsin markets. They’ve used TrustFunds in those markets and understand the benefits.” 

NWWMLS has around 1,100 participants & subscribers, some of whom do business in multiple Wisconsin MLS markets as well, making the launch of TrustFunds especially exciting. Earnest money is held by both title companies and brokers in their market. 

TrustFunds integrates directly into the MLS platform to provide a simple, convenient, and secure solution for electronic earnest money. 

“This can be a game changer for title companies, brokers, REALTORS®, and buyers,” says TrustFunds President and Founder Lynn Leegard. “The TrustFunds electronic earnest money solution doesn’t just stop at the transaction, there are benefits in the reconciliation and tracking components as well. It’ll save them time, increase security, and close the digital gap in their transaction.”

Partnering with the MLS means agents across the whole market can use the same electronic earnest money solution and not have to evaluate and learn different solutions. Plus, the trust account holders can be sure that their information isn’t being shared with insecure platforms.

TrustFunds and NWWMLS  have already begun registering trust account holders, like Title Companies and Brokers, to accept electronic earnest money. Agents will be able to submit requests simply and securely by next month.


TrustFunds provides a comprehensive electronic earnest money solution directly integrated with the MLS platform. Agents don’t have to log into a different system or vet the security of a solution themselves – TrustFunds is market-wide in their partnership with the MLS. TrustFunds’ mission is to provide customers more time for more life by simplifying and securing the earnest money process.  For more information, visit


The REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin operates the Northwestern Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service. Participation in Northwestern Wisconsin MLS (NWWMLS) is limited to REALTORS®. Participants in Northwestern Wisconsin MLS have access to Wisconsin Real Estate Exchange (WiREX) which allows member access to listings provided by contributing MLS organizations across the state. Participants also have access to syndication with ListHub, Zillow and an opt-in listing syndication service that allows them to decide on which websites their listing inventory may be displayed. For more information, visit

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