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ACH Process




TrustFunds is the Most Secure Way to Make an Earnest Money Payment

5/22/2017 Security

Paper checks have been used for ages to submit earnest money payments in real estate transactions, but the fact is that passing around a paper check, which includes account information, from a buyer, to agent, to broker or title company is unsafe. 

Paper Checks Are a Thing of the Past

5/9/2017 Convenience
Ask a millennial if they have a checkbook and most would say no. Truth is, this answer is becoming increasingly popular with consumers of all ages so how does this affect your real estate transactions?

The One Virtual Tool Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using

5/3/2017 Technology
Time is money. Especially in real estate where agents set their own hours and decide how to spend their time. Do you ever wonder how much money you waste in a day on the time spent on petty tasks?

Online Earnest Money is the Next New Norm in Real Estate

4/28/2017 Technology
Technology is becoming more simple and more widespread. The generation of children who grew up learning technology from a young age are becoming adults and are accustomed to an electronic way to handle everything, even making payments. 

We Track Our Packages and the Distance We Run, We Should Track Our Money Too

4/17/2017 Convenience
Isn’t it great to be able to track the packages being sent to us, track the distance we run during our workout, track our phones in case we misplace them, and track how many calories we’ve eaten? TrustFunds adds one more thing to the list of conveniently tracked items: earnest money payments. 

The Final Step of a Fully Electronic Real Estate Transaction

4/10/2017 Convenience
Can you imagine a real estate transaction without the use of technology?

5 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Know About ACH

3/24/2017 ACH Process

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a payment network that allows electronic submission of payments by directly withdrawing a designated amount of money from a savings or checking account and depositing it into another banking account. 

Protect Your Banking Information: Pay Using TrustFunds

3/7/2017 Security

When it comes to making an earnest money payment on a home, security is a top priority. Traditionally, paper checks were used to make earnest money payments, but as the real estate sales process has become more digital, a new way to make payments has arrived. 

The convenience, security, and accountability of TrustFunds are the end of the paper earnest money check.