The One Virtual Tool Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using

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time is money

Time is money. Especially in real estate where agents set their own hours and decide how to spend their time. Do you ever wonder how much money you waste in a day on the time spent on petty tasks? Fifty-eight percent of agents said they spend most of their work hours at the office, while twenty-eight percent spent more time on location at showings and open houses. Everything agents do in between, like make phone calls, put proposals together, send and check email, and drive from place to place adds up.

Sixty-two percent of agents said they devote at least an hour per day to marketing themselves and their listings. More than a quarter devote several hours a day to finding new leads. It takes a real organized pro to handle it all. An article published by Inman News recommends agents “find technology that will become their virtual assistant” as a way to bring order to some of the little things that can eat up their time. That’s where TrustFunds comes in. Instead of wasting time driving around an earnest money check or contacting the parties involved to track it, TrustFunds offers a way to automate the entire process safely and quickly. If not already offered by your MLS, find out how to bring TrustFunds to your market and make the most out of your time as an agent.

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