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  • How can I start the process of bringing TrustFunds to my market?

    We’re excited to help you add more value for your members by adopting TrustFunds.  Submit the form below to schedule a personal demo with our owner, Lynn, to learn how you can join the electronic earnest money movement!

  • Why TrustFunds?

    TrustFunds provides a market-wide solution for your members by integrating into your MLS system. This greatly benefits your members by having the MLS research the product, resulting in a single tool in the market and greater market adoption. In addition, most of the transaction details are auto-populated from the MLS information for complete and accurate reporting.

  • How long does it take to integrate TrustFunds in the MLS?

    TrustFunds is a fairly simple integration and, depending on the availability of the MLS vendor, the process is typically 2-4 weeks.

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