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  • Can TrustFunds be used if a property is not in the MLS?

    No. TrustFunds uses the MLS property data for all transactions.

  • How long does ACH take to fully deposit into the Trust Account?

    The Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) timeframe for processing and settling payments is the same whether submitting it electronically (online) or physically delivering a check to the bank. It takes approximately four (4) business days (excludes weekends and Federal holidays) to settle and deposit the funds into the recipient’s bank account. TrustFunds makes this process much more secure than carrying around a paper check, and begins the depositing process sooner than checks are typically delivered to the bank. Remember, the 4 day process does not begin until the bank receives the check. This can save numerous days in the settling process by using TrustFunds.

  • What if the purchase agreement is canceled after the earnest money payment was made?

    The earnest money is deposited into the DTAH’s trust account and therefore, a cancellation of purchase agreement and the refund of earnest money is processed in the same manner as if the buyer had written a paper check.  One additional benefit of TrustFunds, the DTAH has the capability to electronically refund the earnest money to the buyer.

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