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A solution so simple and secure, you won’t believe it didn’t exist until now.

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Earnest Money Made Easy®.


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Benefits You’ll


Never see or hold a client’s bank information again. Remove the liability of storing and transporting account and routing numbers on paper earnest money checks.

Add Value

Offering TrustFunds as a service to your clients helps you stand out by making the real estate transaction simple and secure.


Three simple steps and you’re done. Save time (and gas money) by removing the paper check from the equation.

Real-Time Tracking

Know the status of the earnest money payment every step of the way. View real-time status of all your transactions in a simple dashboard.

MLS Integrated

No need to leave your MLS system – TrustFunds is available for all listings in the MLS. Agents can easily access TrustFunds through the MLS, with no registration and no hassle.


All parties can view payment statuses and detailed reports through our dashboard. TrustFunds provides robust reporting for easy proof-of-payment and simple reconciling.

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