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Get a bunch of experienced web entrepreneurs together with a visionary real estate professional, and you have the ingredients for TrustFunds. Starting with a simple concept of "there must be a better way," TrustFunds revolutionizes the way the real estate industry does earnest money.

And although the concept of securely and efficiently processing an earnest money payment online is new, the technology that makes the transactions a success definitely is not. The TrustFunds team is comprised of individuals who have built online payment tools that have allowed companies to successfully transact millions of dollars through secure and simple to use online software solutions.

Ownership and Management Team


Lynn is to real estate what Steve Jobs was to Apple... both were born to challenge the status quo to dramatically improve the way business is done. With over 30 years in the real estate industry, Lynn knows every angle of a real estate transaction and has held positions from broker to lawyer and everything in between. She is a passionate problem-solver and is on a mission to rid the real estate industry of the paper earnest money check.

Vice President, Business Development

Karen is a passionate and seasoned entrepreneur who has spent her career developing web-based solutions and custom applications that enhance the efficiency of business communication and secure payment transactions. Her vision and technology-savvy drive has made her a respected leader in the companies she has led and industries she has served. The real estate industry is an ideal arena for utilizing the proven payment technology Karen understands and embraces.

Vice President, Operations

With equal parts tenacity and finesse, Dawn makes difficult projects seem easy. Which is exactly why she is a natural fit for TrustFunds. Taking the complicated and time-consuming earnest money process and making it easy is right up her alley. Her many years of experience in the management of customer service, operations and sales teams provides the needed direction that has made TrustFunds a pioneer in electronic earnest money.

Vice President, Systems and Security

Greg was probably using a computer to keep track of his own pre-school schedule. His love for technology precedes the introduction of the Internet. Greg has ridden the technology revolution with a firm handle on the reins. And although Greg knows all the latest computer programming jargon, our clients don't particularly care... They just want to know that it works. That is why Greg is critical to our success. His ability to develop secure, web-based solutions that turn complicated processes into simple online solutions is eliminating the paper earnest money check in the real estate industry.

Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Although Terry's favorite line is "Everyone has two jobs... theirs and marketing," he takes the helm of marketing and sales with the grasp of over 25 years of experience ranging from small private companies to large fortune 100 corporations. Well-rounded and seasoned in all aspects of brand identity, online and multi-media communications, he also has nearly a decade of direct real estate experience as an agent and investment property owner. This combination of knowledge and experience brings a unique appreciation for all sides of a real estate transaction and how TrustFunds is revolutionizing earnest money.

The convenience, security, and accountability of TrustFunds are the end of the paper earnest money check.