Electronic Earnest Money Brings Ease to Earnest Money Refunds

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Businessman takes bag of money from another businessman

Businessman takes bag of money from another businessman.

Did your deal fall apart? Electronic refunding of earnest money is available. And it’s better. It happens to all of us: the buyer finds something in the home they were planning on buying that they don’t like during the inspection or something happens to the buyer’s financing. Then begins the process of attempting to get the earnest money back to the buyer. If the buyer submitted their earnest money using a paper check, getting it back can turn into an ordeal that can take weeks to process. But it doesn’t need to be this way!

 If the buyer submits their earnest money using TrustFunds electronic earnest money instead of a paper check, the process to return their funds to them is a simple few clicks away. The buyer’s personal banking information passes through one secure online database instead of moving via paper check across various people’s desks and through the mail. This means that not only will the buyer’s banking information be safe, but the entity who received the earnest money can keep their banking information secure as well.

Don’t let an earnest money refund be the biggest headache of your day. Protect your client’s and your own banking information and enjoy the ease of an electronic earnest money transaction.

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