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Watch Chief Technology Officer, Chris Haran of MRED explain why TrustFunds is so easy to implement and use.

TrustFunds electronic earnest money is integrated right into your MLS system so agents don’t have to leave your site to use it. Providing TrustFunds to your members increases the security of their transaction, saves them time from driving to track down a paper check, and provides real-time tracking for your members.

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TrustFunds electronic earnest money is integrated right into your MLS system, putting access right at the agent’s fingertips. All agent accounts are created automatically, so they can start saving time right away.

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Once integrated with your MLS system, agents can request earnest money electronically simply by clicking a TrustFunds link on the Property Details page. The request process takes all of 30 seconds, plus they’ll receive real-time notifications and access to status and reporting 24×7.

Increase Transaction Security

Our TrustFunds platform offers layers of digital security far more advanced than the paper check. Why should a buyer provide their account information to agents, brokers, office staff, and anyone who may see their paper check? With TrustFunds, their account information is secure and private, reducing the liability of your members to keep it that way. Still have security questions? Visit our security page.

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8 Separate MLS’s – One State-Wide TrustFunds Adoption

“It was a fairly easy decision for North Dakota Association of REALTORS® leadership team to offer TrustFunds as a state-wide member benefit. TrustFunds benefits everyone involved in the transaction. For the member, it’s about not chasing down a check, as well as increased safety and security. For the broker, TrustFunds provides easy reporting, tracking, and ease of document printing for compliance. For the buying client, it’s an easy click of a button in an email and can be completed anywhere at anytime. Rolling out TrustFunds state-wide allowed even our smallest boards to take advantage of this secure, convenient, and progressive benefit.”

Jill Beck
President, North Dakota Association of REALTORS®

Conor Brown - CEO Rockford Area REALTORS

“TrustFunds is exactly what our REALTORS have been looking for. It’s a secure solutions that benefits the MLS, trust account holders, REALTORS, and buyers. At this point, we’d never go back.”

John Mosey - CEO Northstar MLS

“We’ve been using TrustFunds for over 6 years. My brokers and agents can’t remember doing business without electronic earnest money. TrustFunds is a no-brainer.”

David Price - CEO Maris MLS

“Our Title Companies and Brokers love it because it’s a comprehensive solution that doesn’t change the way business is done but provides a simpler, more secure, electronic way to do it.”